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The Four Branches & The Mabinogion



The Mabinogion and the Mabinogi A general introduction to the Four Branches and the Mabinogion.

What is the Mabinogion? A useful introduction to the Four Branches.

The Mabinogion - Wikipedia page .



Reading Middle Welsh A free on-line tutorial in the Middle Welsh language, using excerpts from the Second Branch.



The Mabinogi and Archaism An academic essay by Eric B. Hamp. Includes discussion on the issue of the dating of the Mabinogi.

British Mythology Popular summary and discussion of the Taliesin myth and the Four Branches (minus the Third Branch) and the Taliesin myth.

Gwyr y Gogledd - Some Icelandic Analogues to Branwen Ferch Lyr
An academic paper from Alaric Hall, discusssing parallels between the Second Branch and certain key texts from the Germanic saga tradition.


Cultural and Historical Context



Early Medieval Wales Introduction to Pura Wallia or Native Medieval Wales, the historical context of the Mabinogi: including maps, genealogical charts and pages on individual kingdoms and medieval leaders from Rhodri Fawr to Owain Glyndwr.



Celtic Mythology A useful introductory summary.

Imbas Large-scale website on Celtic mythology. One of the best of its kind on the web.



Celtic Studies Resources on the Web Links to other, high-quality sites on Medieval Celtic subjects

Celtic Art and Culture A survey of the Celtic world, ancient and medieval, with a particular focus on its visual culture